CEO Greetings

FixMedi Korea creates and shares the best value.

Global company thinking of
humans and natural environment

Thank you for visiting the website of FixMedi Korea Inc.

We have contributed to the public's health and improvement of the quality of life through manufacturing and supplying medical devices for 20 years, starting with the company name of MediCon Tech(메디컨텍) in 1997 under the core value of human esteem.

But in recent years, we begin to think that the new paradigm
should be started in the environment surrounding healthcare, as the importance of sustainable eco-friendly business is growing
because of the global warming and environmental issues on the rise.

Hereupon, we want greet refreshingly as FixMedi Korea with the release of a set of NON-PVC polyolefin (drug non-adsorption)
sap set that is harmless to human body and environmentally

Starting with the launch of an environmentally friendly sap set, we focus on developing new products that consider the convenience of medical team within the country and the safety of patients to help to provide a high-quality health care in hospitals and

We will make our best efforts to grow as a global company creating a healthier future and promise to further our cooperation
with the people of the country to provide a higher standard in
the medical industry and impress our customers with all of our
employees under the company motto "we are the one".

I appreciate it.

CEO Kim Woo-jong